Birds LOVE Economy & Thin Special Spray Millet GMO-Free No Pesticides (No Stems Only Edible Tops) for Birds Cockatiel Lovebird Parakeet Finch Canary All Parrots Healthy Treat – 7oz Price: $7.49$19.22 (as of 05/09/2023 17:20 PST- Details)

NO STEMS – The millet stems are now being removed, there is no long millet stem anymore. This means you are paying for 100% edible millet instead of paying for the weight stems with no millet
EASY STORAGE – This bag of millet spray can be stored in a cool environment with no issues, as it does not attract bugs.
PERFECT TREAT – This spray millet is a healthy and tasty non-GMO treat your bird will love.

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