Burly’s Slow Feeder Dog Bowl + Spatula by The Burly Brand, Gulp-Free Design, Longer Mealtime, Health and Wellness…

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Fit that need: a dog feeder designed to prevent any food scraps left behind from tight or smaller gaps – impossible for our burly dogs to reach. Works like a charm for brachycephalic breeds and dogs that eat raw, home-cooked, or kibble meals. Slow feeder dog bowls large breed.
Gulp-free design: slow feeders reduce the risk of choking, vomiting, or bloating by lessening the amount of air pets take in gulping their food. By impeding gulping we gain longer lunchtime and really, who doesn’t love a longer lunchtime.
For you: research suggests that dogs that benefit from a slow feeder are doggos who: eat very quickly, eat from a raised bowl, giant breeds, like to run or play immediately after eating, and/or are deep-chested. We are here for you, we designed this for you!

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