Cat Carrier Soft Cat Sling Carrier Bigger Size Breathable Travel Use Pet Accessories Outdoor,Can take Cats and Dogs Out for a Walk,Support Cats and Dogs up to 24 lbs Price: $19.99$29.99 (as of 10/04/2024 21:00 PST- Details)

【Size XL-Larger Space Size/Color Blue/Crossbody Strap Design】Cat bag Dimensions: 17.7 x 15.2 x 7.5 inches;Strap Length: 13.38 inches;Crossbody strap length adjustable: 32.7-53.1 inch;Maximum Head Opening Size: 6.3 inches.Capable of accommodating cats or dogs weighing up to 24 pounds.If your pet weighs less than 16 pounds, it is recommended to choose “SIZE L”.
【Front Peek Design】This cat carrier features a front-end design with a dedicated opening for the head, allowing kitten and dogs to poke their heads out and enjoy a breath of fresh air while outside. The breathability of this cat bag is exceptional, ensuring that your pet remains free from any feeling of stuffiness that could lead to restlessness. Moreover, the design is equipped with an adjustable elastic band, offering the flexibility to customize the size of the opening at your convenience.
【Added Independent Bag Design】We have added an independent storage bag to this cat travel carrier. You can place your keys, cell phone, etc., or prepare a bottle of food or drinking water for your cats and dogs. Make traveling more convenient for you and your cat (dog).

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