Cat Poop Bags with Handles Easy to Tie Price:  $8.99 (as of 29/03/2024 16:15 PST- Details)

♻️Eco-Friendly Choice: Durable and soft, made from up to 70% recycled plastic, these cat litter poop bags provide a second life to over 4 million pounds of landfill plastic annually, making your pet care practices more eco-friendly.
✅With Handles for Easy Tying: Equipped with handles for convenient tying, pet poop bags effectively reduce odor diffusion. The wider size of it allows them to withstand more weight without breaking, ensuring effortless handling when cleaning up pet waste.
✅Large Size, Large Opening: With a wide mouth, these waste bags allow most size litter scoops in market to easily enter. Pet poop bags have a large capacity, accommodating a significant amount of waste at once, making them especially suitable for multi-cat households. Each box contains 125 bags and 1 Cat toy.

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