Cat Scratch Furniture Protectors for Sofa,Doors,Heavy Duty Clear Couch Protectors from Cats Scratching,Anti Pet Scratch Tape,Couch Corner Deterrent Guards,17 x 12 inch. Price: $13.19$23.99 (as of 02/09/2023 14:56 PST- Details)

WQPSMO furniture protector is 100% highly transparent,invisible on your furniture and completely blends in with your upholstery.This Plastic Shield is thick enough,Resistant to wear and scuffing,effectively protects the surface of your furniture.You no longer have to worry about scratched sofas,corners,bed edges,tables and chair legs.
Cats scratch furniture not because they do it on purpose,but because it is a natural instinct to exercise their paw strength.If your pet finds cat scratching posts less appealing than your luxury sofa,it’s time to protect your furniture from expensive repairs and replacements with a WQPSMO furniture protector.After its failed attack on your furniture,your pet will soon lose interest in it,easily protecting sofa furniture.
WQPSMO anti cat scratch furniture protectors are made of the latest soft film,strong and flexible,and fits closely to the furniture.Unlike most hard plasitc-made protectors on the market that make noise all the time,ours are very quiet,almost no sound when the cat scratches.The surface is smooth,which is exactly what cats hate,when the cat gets used to stop scratching where these paste,you can switch them to other places and reuse them and the glue on the back does not leave any sticky residue.

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