Cat Travel Carrier Kit… Price: $39.99$49.99 (as of 31/01/2024 17:21 PST- Details)

😸 【Breathable Cat Carrier】 😸 Enhance your cat’s comfort during travel with our cat carrier bag. Designed with breathable mesh on four sides, it provides optimal ventilation, ensuring a cozy environment. Say goodbye to odors as the continuous airflow prevents any lingering smells, offering a fresh and enjoyable space for your feline friend.
😸 【Flexible Cat Carrier Bag】 😸 Our cat carrier bag is designed for your convenience with versatile carrying options. Wear it over your shoulder, carry it by hand, attach it to your luggage, or secure it to your car seat. Enjoy effortless and stylish transportation, making every outing with your pet a comfortable and adaptable experience.
😸 【Compact Foldable Cat Litter Box】 😸 Our kit features a foldable cat litter box that compresses to a minimal size, ensuring easy portability. Ideal for travel, the compact design allows you to carry it effortlessly wherever you go, providing a convenient solution for your cat’s on-the-go restroom needs.

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