Elevate Your Pet’s Comfort and Fashion: Premium 100% Cotton Rib Dog Shirt Vest for Small Breeds Like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Puppies .Year-Round Style with Tank-Style Puppy Attire

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Paiaite – Playful Attire, Inspired by Adorable Tails Everywhere!
Sizes: The shirt is available in different sizes to fit small to medium-sized dogs. Be sure to measure your dog’s chest and neck girth before purchasing to ensure the best fit. The size chart can help guide you in choosing the right size for your pup.
Versatility: The shirt can be worn all year round. During colder months, they can be used as a sweatshirt to keep your dog warm and cozy. During warmer months, they can be worn as standalone apparel to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

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