Emerald Pet Feline Dental Stixx — Tasty and Crunchy Cat Dental Sticks with Pumpkin for Digestive Health — Natural Grain Free Dental Treats for Clean Cat Teeth and Fresh Breath — Catnip Stixx, 3.6 oz

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DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS CAT DENTAL TREATS FOR CLEAN TEETH, FRESH BREATH, AND HEALTHY GUMS — Reward your cat with tasty and crunchy Emerald Pet Feline Dental Stixx as a hassle-free and fun way to promote cat dental care. These healthy cat treats contain active dental properties that clean teeth and freshen breath and also fight plaque and tartar buildup. Available in four recipes that cats find irresistible – Chicken & Pumpkin, Salmon & Pumpkin, Tuna & Pumpkin, and Catnip Flavor with Pumpkin.
CRUNCHY TEXTURE WITH RIDGES FOR BETTER TEETH CLEANING ACTION — Our cat sticks for teeth have a crunchy texture with ridges that reach the back teeth and massage the gums, too. The unique shape and texture encourage chewing versus swallowing for maximum dental health. Chewing creates a scraping action that removes plaque and tartar for healthy teeth and gums. Our treats also contain chlorophyll, an active ingredient that acts like a cat breath freshener by neutralizing odors at the source.
LOW CALORIE CAT TREATS WITH PUMPKIN TO SUPPORT HEALTHY DIGESTION — No need to worry about the extra calories every time you give your cats a treat. Each tartar control cat treat is only about 1.75″ long, which is just the ideal size with a calorie content that’s safe and healthy for your cat. We also added real pumpkin to help soothe cats’ tummies and provide them with fiber for natural digestive health.

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