Espelho Timed Automatic Cat Feeder Price: $69.96$85.99 (as of 24/11/2023 04:40 PST- Details)

Feeding Multiple Pets at The Same Time: Espelho upgrade cat feeder automatic for 2 cats comes with a 2-way splitter and double stainless steel food bowls, can feed your multiple pets at the same time, the double food dispenser is the perfect solution to ensure your pets are feed on time and won’ t have any fights. You can also assemble it into a single bowl cat automatic feeder as you like.
3 Adjustable Height: Espelho automatic cat feeders 2 cat comes with short riser(1 inch) & tall riser(2 inch), raise the height of the food bowl according to each stage of the pet’s growth. Compared to pet food bowls on the ground, raised food bowl is great for developing healthy eating postures for small cats and dogs, as well as beneficial for large dogs by helping them eat upright and correct their posture, overall making swallowing much comfortable and promoting food digestion.
Flexible Meal Scheduling: Espelho automatic pet feeder for two cats inbuilt LCD screen allows for quick setup, can be programmed up to 4 meals every day at scheduled times, and up to 9 portions per meal(1/8 cup/2 tbsp each portion), which can help your pet develop a good eating habit. The cat feeder automatic extra nice is the “Feed” button which allows you to quickly dispense more food outside of the feeding schedule you have set.

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