ExoticDad Large Bird Perch – Customize Your Perch Designed Natural Dragonwood Bird Perch on Wheels Stand for Parrots, Birds, Parakeets, Monkeys, Cockatiel, African Grey, Conure (2×4 ft B – 5×6 ft H)

Amazon.com Price: $785.00 (as of 26/05/2023 13:15 PST- Details)

✓ [Safe Perch Stand ] The Exoticdad large bird play stand which can satisfy parrots while resting. The bird play stand is like a tree. This is a complete paradise for bird life. Parrot stand is custom made specially for each customer. Our stand is known as to be one of the strongest and safest bird Perches wood stands
✓ 【Wooden, Stable and Strong】Exoticdad Large birds play stand for parrots is made of natural wood, and all parts are connected by screws instead of glue. In this way, parakeets’ playground is stronger, more stable, and stronger. The surface of the perch is polished and will not harm the bird’s feet. Suitable for small and medium-sized birds such as cockatiels, parakeets, yellow-bellied parrots and lorikeets. Dimensions are: 2×4 ft Base 5.4-6 ft Height
✓ 【Awesome Playground Fun】The wooden play stand for parrots is very interesting and provides physical and mental stimulation for your birds. Provide a comfortable place for playing and exercise for your pet. Let your bird get good climbing training. Many habitat areas are provided for additional exercise

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