Freefa Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Bloat Stop Dog Food Bowl Maze Interactive Puzzle Non Skid,Come with Travel Bowl Price: $9.99$19.99 (as of 07/12/2022 08:36 PST- Details)

Dog Slow Feeders: made by non toxic, eco friendly material, BPA free and phthalate free. Non-skid rubber feet underneath design, stop the food bowl moving around, you will not see the mat or your room in a mess.
Promote Healthy Diet for Dogs: the Maze design of the slow feeder dog bowl effectively slow down your pet, stop inhaling food, eating at a slower pace, prevent obesity, bloat, regurgitation and overeating, a Great Diet Bowl.
Anti Choking Slow Feeding Dish: Slow down eating time like 10 times compared to a normal food bowl, especially for those fast eaters, anti-choking, good for digestion and weight control.

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