FUNOMOCYA Box Catnip Planter Growing Trays cat Grass Planter cat Grass for Indoor Sprouting Container Wheatgrass Grower soilless cat Planter pet Toys cat Plant Pot Plastic Kitten The cat Price: $9.89 (as of 28/03/2024 02:50 PST- Details)

Self watering cat grass tray– 🐱creative planting box: convenient to take out inner mesh tray, inside mesh tray provides excellent breathability, facilitate germination.
Cat grass box– 🐱 hydroponic planting box- 🌱your cat deserves the best: our cat grass blend adds important nutrients to your cat’s diet, including wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye. organic and loaded with all the fiber your pet needs for healthy digestion, our cat grass kit provides hairball control for cats as well as a tasty treat.
Hydroponic planting box– our cat grass planters are designed to support you in all your planting and gardening. they are super light and very durable.

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