Furniture Cat Scratch Protector – 12 Pcs Clear Self-Adhesive Cat Couch Protectors, Furniture Protectors from Cat Scratching, Couch Corner Protectors for Cats (with 52 Twist Pins) Price:  $19.99 (as of 14/04/2024 23:06 PST- Details)

Wide application: Our Cat Furniture Protectors come in 6 sheets of 17×12 and 6 sheets of 17×10 in two different sizes. Can be used on sofas, doors, carpets, chairs, walls, tables, chairs and other occasions to provide all-around protection for your furniture
Easy installation: Easy to install without any tools by peeling off the self-adhesive paper. If additional fastening is required, 52 twisted nails provide additional support. Leaves no marks when removed. Note: Not recommended for faux leather or leather sofas
Freedom Cutting: This cat sofa protector is easy to cut to ensure a perfect fit for all sizes of furniture, preventing the sofa from cat claws and pet scratches

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