G102-Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Indoor

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【Superior Bite Resistance】Crafted from durable and corrosion-resistant alloy steel, this heavy duty dog crate ensures longevity and resistance to damage. A non-toxic painted surface safeguards your dog’s health. Engineered with high bite resistance, it’s perfect for dogs with strong chewing tendencies and those prone to anxiety.
【Double Door Triple Lock】Unique double-door, triple-lock design in this dog crate. The front door facilitates easy entry and exit for your pet, while the top door allows for interactive feeding or playtime. Two safety latches on the front door ensure your dog remains securely inside even when you’re away, making it challenging even for clever dogs to unlock. An additional lock on the top prevents your pet from pushing it open.
【Easy Clean Slide-out Tray】This dog cage features a detachable tray with a protective coating that outlasts plastic trays, ensuring a longer lifespan and sturdiness. The slide-out design makes picking up dropped dog food and excretions a breeze. Plus, it’s super easy to wash and maintain.

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