GLOWRIUM Aquarium Light, LED Full Spectrum Freshwater Fish Tank, Daylight/Moonlight Mode and infinitely dimmable, Fish Tank Light with auto-on/Off Timer Price: $19.99$69.99 (as of 03/05/2024 20:50 PST- Details)

Full-Spectrum Lighting: The GLOWRIUM aquarium light features 5000K ultra-bright white LEDs, 460-nanometer blue LEDs, and 660-nanometer red LEDs. Five rows of high-quality LEDs provide full-spectrum lighting, promoting photosynthesis and vibrant coloration. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 90, it offers optimal conditions for aquatic plant growth and aesthetics.
Day/Night Modes: The Day mode (White, Red, Blue) bathes your aquarium in bright, clear light, while the Night mode (Blue) brings a gentle moonlight glow to your aquatic world. Switch between the two modes at your convenience, showcasing vibrancy and beauty in different lighting environments.
Timer and Memory Function: The aquarium light offers three timer options, allowing you to select different durations and simulate sunrise and sunset for a more realistic day-night transition. The power outage memory function ensures that your settings remain unchanged when the power is turned off/on. Even after a power outage, your timer settings are retained, saving you the hassle of resetting them repeatedly.

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