Freshwater Aquarium Test Strips 6 in 1 – Fish Tank Test Kit for Testing pH Nitrite Nitrate Chlorine General & Carbonate… Price: $13.99$16.99 (as of 09/04/2023 08:38 PST- Details)

🐠 KEEP YOUR AQUARIUM OR POND HEALTHY – Monitoring your aquarium’s water quality is the most important thing for keeping tropical fish healthy and vibrant, and your tank looking beautiful.
🐠 QUICK & EASY TO USE – Designed by experts, this 6 in 1 freshwater aquarium test kit is fast and easier to use than liquid test kits. Aqua Care Pro strips are wider and have non-bleeding colors, making them easier to hold, dip, and read.
🐠 DESIGNED FOR AQUARIUMS AND PONDS – Aqua Care Pro strips test for General Hardness (GH), Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Carbonate Hardness (KH), and Chlorine. The test results are in the proper range for aquarium and pond keeping.

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