BIQU Hermit Crab 3D Printer Hot Swappable Tool Changer Upgrade Pom Slider Plate Aluminum Alloy Gantry Plate Quick Change… Price: $109.99$149.99 (as of 07/04/2023 07:41 PST- Details)

👉【The Quick Change Tool Head】: During the printing process, the print head is clogged or abnormal, or when printing mixed color/mixed material models, do I need to waste a lot of time to replace it? The hermit crab can help the plugging head to change the print head quickly, improve efficiency, and greatly improve the defects of uneven movement of the POM wheel, easy to wear, and poor movement accuracy.
👉【Multi-function】: 22pins in total. With multiple ports and fixing holes. Various hot ends can be installed, such as nozzles, laser heads, CNC cutter heads, etc., to help realize multiple functions of the print head, and easy to replace. Screw terminal 8Pin (HE, CNCF, FAN, NTC), motor 4Pin, BL Touch 5Pin, intelligent filament detector 4Pin, can use the material break detection and automatic leveling functions at the same time.
👉【High compatibility】: Compatible rail type: 2020 European standard v-slot aluminum profile/MGN12H model linear rail. Compatible with V-profiles and guide rails to meet the needs of different users. Compatible with most print heads on the market, such as: NK8, H2, E3D Hemera Bowden, E3 Heat sink, etc.

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