HITOP Outdoor Pond De-icer Heater – 300W 600W Upgraded Floatable Aquarium Heater for Outdoor Ponds, with Long Cable Wire

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【300W Outdoor Pond Heater】HITOP 300W outdoor pond heater is used to heat surrounding water and keep ponds from freezing in cold winter. The pond deicer will not heat the entire water in ponds but melt some ice holes in pond so that fishes can breathe through the melting hole.
【Fast Heating & Floatable】Generally speaking, this outdoor heater can heat about 40 gallons of water close to the heater, which is able to achieve rapid heating. (The heating efficiency will be affected by the outdoor weather.) Equipped with a new upgrade black foam, this outdoor pond heater can easily float on the water and keep the bottom of the heater out of the contact with the mud in pond.
【Intelligent Constant Temperature】Constant temperature range of this pond deicer is 68-72°F. The outdoor heater can automatically start or stop working according to the water temperature of the pond, keeping the water temperature around the heater within 68-72 ℉. Easy to use, no additional operation required.

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