hygger 24/7 Mode Custom Current Aquarium Wave Maker with Controller, 24V DC Quiet Magnetic Powerhead Circulation Pump for 55-150 Gallon Saltwater Freshwater Fish Tanks 1500 2300 GPH

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SMALL, QUIET YET POWERFUL – Thanks to Brushless Motor and Sine Wave technology, powerful 4-blade impeller wavemaker can move around aquarium water which helps debris sucked up by the filter, keeping water clean and mimicking natural current to let your fish swim with. It’s so quiet that it won’t disturb your sleep when in use in your bedroom.
CUSTOMIZE AQUARIUM WATER MOVEMENT – At 24/7 mode, 24 hours are divided into 4 time ranges in which you can customize flow rate & choose from 5 different water flow modes including: Constant, Classic, Cross Flow, Sine and Random at each time period. Let’s achieve a more natural ocean environment starting with huge waves in the morning, stir up detritus in the afternoon , and slow the flow at night.
VERSATILE POWERHEAD – The external controller provides control of wave mode, flow rate, frequency and scheduling for custom 24/7 mode and quick set single mode, one-touch 10 minutes feeding mode, a nighttime sensor that automatically slows the flow of the waves when the tank’s lights go off and wireless linking to sync and control multiple pumps

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