InfluxBay Silent Aquarium Air Pump: Double Outlet Fish Tank Oxygen Pump Adjustable Air Valve Quiet Bubbler Pump with Air Stone Oxygen Tube and Check Valve Accessories for Fish Tank up to 30 Gallon Price:  $11.99 (as of 31/01/2024 19:54 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Silent Air Pump: InfluxBay aquarium oxygen pump is designed with all copper motor and thin piezo ceramic sheet to effectively reduce noise. Designed with thickened ABS plastic and 4 lower rubber feet, it can isolate the noise and cut off the noise transmission path. The noise is less than 35db when running at maximum capacity.
Adjustable Airflow: InfluxBay aquarium oxygenation pump is equipped with a precisely controlled rotary button that adjusts the amount of oxygen output from the dual outlets.The oxygen volume is adjustable from 0.2-1 gallon per minute with a high degree of precision. This allows it to perfectly adapt to the airflow requirements of different sized fish tanks, ensuring that the airflow in the tank is fully oxygenated, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment for your fish.
Dual Outlet Design: InfluxBay aquarium air pump features a dual vent design with two silicone tubes measuring 3.2 feet in length, making it easy to connect multiple fish tanks or aquariums at the same time. It is suitable for all kinds of freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and two air stones can be placed in different locations of the same aquarium for more even oxygen distribution.

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