kathson Natural Parrot Perch Bird Stand Pole Wild Grape Stick Paw Grinding Fork Parakeet Climbing Standing Branches Toy Chewable Cage Accessories for Small Budgies Cockatiels Lovebirds 4PCS

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【NATURAL GRAPEVINE】Each of our bird perches is made from natural, wild grapevines, providing pets with a natural and safe standing wood.Due to its natural material, each perch is unique, and is not exactly the same shape or size.
【SIMPLE INSTALLATION】Each grapevine branch is fitted with a metal wing nut and built-in bolt.Easy to install, no need for other tools, can be very stable on the bird cage.
【SIZE】Our grapevine branches have two different types: bifurcation and no branch. The length of bifurcation branches are about 9-12 in and the length of no branches are about 7-9 in. Our perches are handmade from natural materials.Each branch of a grapevine is not replicable.Different diameters also give your bird’s feet a better workout.

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