KATUMO Bird Perch Bird Feeding Cup Bird Platform Parrot Wood Perch Stand Toy Bird Cage Accessory for Parakeet Lovebird Cockatiel Conure Budgie Small Parrots

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PARROT PERCH: KATUMO parrot wood platform is designed with bowl holders and two sides of perches integrately, made of sturdy thick wood, great load-bearing capacity for holding food and water
PET FEEDING BOWLS: The pet dish cups are made of stainless steel, non-toxic and odorless, removable and easy to clean, safe for your pet bird to enjoy dish daily
EASY TO USE: With metal gaskets and nut, the perch platform can be installed to the top of all pet cage. Sturdy and stable for small birds to stand or jump on the middle or the side rims while enjoying food dish (P.S.:Install the short screw end of the rod to the platform, the long end to the cage)

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