KlerRoem Cat Bathing Bag, Adjustable Anti-bite and Anti-Scratch Cat Shower Mesh Grooming Bag for Pet Dogs and Cats…

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Cat grooming bags are very suitable for bathing/manicure/medication/cleaning teeth and ears/eye drops/checking/injection and other occasions, easy to take care of cats and puppies.
The cat bath bag is designed with adjustable straps and zippers, which is loose enough to be easily worn on the cat. The adjustable rope can make the cat feel relaxed and calm, so that the tightness can be adjusted. This cat shower bag can help your cat take a bath at home easily, and you can take the cat to the pet salon without spending extra money, making the cat feel very comfortable and relaxed.
Pet Grooming gloves can be used to remove dirt and loose hair from cats and dogs; the five-finger design is suitable for hard-to-reach places such as tails and paws; with this practical glove, you can thoroughly clean pet hair and help your pets Provide gentle massage and take care of the skin.

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