Koltose by Mash Fish Tank Gravel – 4-6 mm – 17 Lb. – Parent Price: $34.45$36.45 (as of 22/05/2023 02:20 PST- Details)

FISH TANK AQUARIUM GRAVEL – These pebbles are the first step to creating the vibrant and attractive fish tank décor you always dreamed of. This gravel not only looks stunning, but it will also help keep your fish and fish tank healthy. Creating a gravel substrate in your aquarium helps improve tank chemistry, promotes healthy bacteria, oxygenates the water, anchors plants and décor, and provides burrowing fish and bottom feeders with a place to hide or forage for food.
VOLUME – This set of fish tank gravel contains 17 pounds of pebbles, which equals to about 20 cups in volume. This set contains the amount volume of pebbles for 7-10 gallon fish tanks, or for smaller tanks with some pebbles to spare for future use. It will cover an area of a square foot 2 inches deep (recommended depth) or 12” x 24” x 1”. This set is sold by weight not volume, so exact results may vary slightly
SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – Our gravel is safe and non-toxic for fish and pets, and can be used in any terrarium, pet habitat, or freshwater fish tank. It will stop waste from building up and help keep your tank clean, as well as reduces light reflection which can stress out your fish. Using this gravel as the foundation to our aquarium or pets’ home can help keep your pet and their home clean, healthy, and safe.

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