La La Pet® Natural Wood Bird Perch Stand with Acrylic Standing Pole Bird Standing Perch Parrot Perch Stand Bird Perch Stand Toy Parakeet Perch Stand for Bird Cage Decor Price: $12.99$15.99 (as of 16/04/2024 00:21 PST- Details)

CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: The acrylic standing pole features multiple holes on both sides, allowing you to mount the natural wood perches according to your parrot’s preference. Natural wood perches are designed with non-slip textures, ensuring a comfortable grip for your birds without the risk of slipping, promoting healthy feet exercise. Equipped with a larger gasket for enhanced stability, offering two installation methods, either inside the cage or on top of the cage
VERSATILE: This birdcage stand with perches not only provides birds a secure and reliable platform to play, climb, bite, and relax, mimicing the natural perching conditions found in the wild, promoting healthy feet and beak exercise, encouraging natural behaviors and mental stimulation, reducing discomfort and relieving boredom, but also maximizes birdcage space, optimizing the bird’s living area. Besides, its natural colors and visually appealing designs enhance your bird’s cage environment
WIDELY APPLICATION: Ideal accessory for a variety of bird species and cage sizes, from small parakeets to larger parrots, making your birds enjoy a stable perching experience. Makes a practical gift for bird owners, bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone who has a feathered friend

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