Large Elevated Dog & Pet Feeder – Double Bowl Raised Food & Water Stand – Tall (12-Inches High) – Includes 2 Extra Stainless Steel Bowls, 4 Bowls Total Price: $49.95 (as of 27/03/2022 15:56 PST- Details)

★ SPILL PROOF – LARGE DOGS CAN’T KNOCK IT OVER: A sturdy stand keeps your dog’s food and water from ending up on the floor in a big mess. Weighs 7 lbs to prevent strong dogs from nudging bowls around the floor and tipping the contents out.
★ REDUCES BLOATING & NECK STRAIN IN BIG DOGS: Pets with arthritis, neck or back problems find it a relief to eat from a raised feeder. Digestive health is dramatically improved when dogs no longer have to strain unnaturally to eat from ground level.
★ THREE 48oz and ONE 32oz STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS FOR CLEAN EATING: Stainless steel bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic. Because we know how important your dog’s health is to you, we’re including an extra set of two bowls – so you always have a fresh bowl ready.

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