Mateeylife Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Insert with Suction Cups Dog Slow Eating Feeder Insert for Small Breed Medium Large Sized Dog, Fit into Basic Bowls and Elevated Dog&Cat Bowls Price: $8.99$9.99 (as of 10/03/2024 20:35 PST- Details)

Easy to use: Just wipe the bottom of the bowl and the suction cup, press the slow feeder insert for large dog bowl on the bottom of the bowl, you can immediately turn basic bowls into slow feeder dog bowls large sized dog and slow feeder dog bowls small breed, no need to buy extra slow dog feeder bowl. Note: only suitable for bowls and raised slow feeder dog bowls with flat bottoms, not a chew toy, please be aware while using it.
Slow down eating: The unique flower design of the slow feeder insert for dog bowl can effectively slow down the eating speed of pets, avoid the problems of digestion, choking, vomiting, and obesity, and help your pets develop good eating habits. Our dog dish slow feeder insert is suitable for all kinds of dry and wet dog food. You can load various food in the slow feed bowl and large slow feeder dog bowls such as water, milk, yogurt, and kibbles.
Suitable for various sized bowls: This dog food bowl slow feed can be put in any bowl as long as the adsorption surface (bottom) diameter of the slow feed dog bowl is greater than 6inch, ideal for elevated slow feeder cat bowls and slow eating dog bowl large breed. The silicone slow feeder dog bowls insert and dog bowl slow feeder insert can be used for slow feeding dog bowl made of different materials, like glass bowls, plastic bowls, stainless steel bowls, etc.

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