MERIC Parrot Perch – Hardwood Platform for Birds – Sharpens Beak, Promotes Exercise & Foot Health – Unprocessed Chewing Toy – Branch Fits Most Cage Sizes – Easy to Install – Includes Wing Nuts Price:  $3.95 (as of 25/03/2022 20:06 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

✔ SHARPENS BEAK AND GOOD FOR GNAWING — Appropriately textured, the perch wood by Meric is suitable for chewing and gnawing. These regular bird’s activities keep your bird’s beak shaped and conditioned. Please note that parrots love to remove barks while they chew.
✔ ENCOURAGES EXERCISE & PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT — With the wood’s naturally uneven surface and unique shape, it provides challenges that promote healthy foot care. Expect hours of active fun and play while your budgie enjoys some foot and leg exercise as he climbs on it.
✔ COMFORTABLE CLIMBER — A perch in a parrot’s home is essential to good health. With gravity, even the creature made for flying gets to spend a lot of time on his feet whenever he lands or rest. Parrot Perch Wood by Meric is a platform made from raw fir that is very comfortable. It also adds a touch of nature to your feathered friend’s habitat.

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