New World Dog Crate Comfort Kit, Matching Dog Crate Cover & Dog Bed to Make Your Dog’s Crate Their Home, Fits New World… Price: $22.99$74.75 (as of 02/10/2022 18:44 PST- Details)

Perfect Solution for Turning Your Dog’s Crate into Their Forever Home: Bolstered dog bed & crate cover are designed to fit your dog crate creating a cozy “den-like” home that dog’s instinctually desire
Small Dog Crate Add-on Comfort Kit Includes: One gray dog bed & dog crate cover | Comfort Kit fits 24-inch long New World and iCrate dog crates models B24, B24DD, 1524, 1524DD – *Dog crate is not included*
Ideal for Small Dog Breeds | New World 24-Inch Comfort Kit is ideal for small dog breeds with adult weight up to 13 – 25 pounds, dog bed measures approx. 24L x 18W x 2.25H, inches

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