NICREW SkyLED Plus Aquarium Light for Planted Tanks, Full Spectrum Freshwater Fish Tank Light, Light Brightness and Spectrum Adjustable with External Controller Price: $25.99$70.99 (as of 24/11/2023 15:06 PST- Details)

EXCELLENT SPECTRUM: Super bright 6500K white LEDs combined with 450nm blue and 660nm red LEDs, creating full spectrum lighting, efficiently maximizing the photosynthesis of plants
EASY TO USE: SkyLED Plus 2.0 LED aquarium light upgraded the wired controller with an LCD screen, more flexibility for programming Day and Night cycles. Optimize the programming process, making it more simple for finishing the settings
NATURE-CENTERED DESIGN: More options to adjust the auto On/Off time and brightness. Featured 6 ramp-up and dim-down options to simulate natural sunrise and sunset (0, 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120-minute), waking the fish up in soft lighting and ensuring a good sleep with complete off at night

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