Palksky Climbing Cat Scratcher Mat, 3PCS 23.6″X11.8″ Trimmable Self-Adhesive Cat Scratching Board, DIY Cat Scratching Pads for Couch Furniture Wall Cat Tree Price: $17.99 (as of 09/05/2024 23:30 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Doubly satisfy cats’ natural scratching needs: Cats are natural climbers. When kept at home, they will always be attracted to rough-surfaced objects such as fibers, ropes, knitted fabrics, etc., causing their scratching needs. The cat scratching board can infinitely satisfy cats. The instinctive need for scratching, using cat scratch pad effectively solves the problem of your furniture being scratched by cats, greatly saving you the cost of buying new furniture.
Traditional cardboard cat scratching posts are bulky, heavy, and costly. They also produce a lot of paper scraps after cats scratch them, which requires a lot of time to clean. Our cat scratching board is made of high-quality polyester fiber using newly upgraded technology. It is durable, wear-resistant and not easy to tear. It can be reused. It can be posted on the home surface where cats like to scratch so that cats can play in their favorite places. Because you don’t want your cat to sit on her favorite sofa, using a scat mat for cats or a cat calming diffuser to repel the cat will harm cat.
3PCS 23.6″X11.8″ diy cat climbing scratcher: The cat scratching board uses a size of 23.6″X11.8″ , It is convenient for you to make your favorite Cat Trees Cat Wall Furniture cat tower for your pet cat, so that your pet will like to capture the home you bought for it even more.You can also cut it according to the size of your sofa and door and lay a cat climbing mat. You get 3PCS 23.6 X 11.8 inch size cat scratch pad which is enough for you to make cat scratch pad for your pet in different places.

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