Panbo Natural Wood Bird Swing, Sturdy Parrot Perch Stand Cage Toy – Nails and Beak Trimmer Promotes Wellness – Safe Supplies for Different Parrot and Other Pet Birds Price: $11.99 (as of 07/11/2023 16:16 PST- Details)

For Growth: Allowing your parrot to bask in the sun can improved immunity, promote bone growth, maintain a good mood. Panbo is designed for the natural and beneficial daily life of birds.
For Variety: This swing comes with a sturdy base, allowing you to easily place it on any surface such as on a windowsill for sun exposure, on a desktop for interaction, or in a cage to provide more space, and more.
For Helpful: The perch provide a valuable tool for nail and beak trimming. The constant movement and gripping action help promote wellness nails and beak maintenance, reducing the risk of overgrowth.

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