Parrot Ladder 9-Step Stainless Steel Rustproof Metal Nonskid Smooth Portable Bird Cage Ladder with Hooks Cockatiel Stand Ladder for Parrots Parakeets Cockatoos Lovebirds Price: $9.01$17.13 (as of 16/04/2024 00:21 PST- Details)

🦜【Multi-Functional Bird Perch Toy】Embark on a bird’s paradise with our revolutionary bird perch with rotating ball toys. It can serve as an exercise stand, a boredom eliminator, and even a food container. The wood perch with natural textures provides a secure grip for your bird’s claws, while the 4 differently colored bell balls effortlessly capture attention
🦜【Joyful Rotating Bell Ball Whirlwind】The 4 bell balls are aligned on a single vertical axis, respondent to a gentle touch with enchanting windmill-like rotation. Let your bird navigate this colorful dance, accompanied by cheerful jingles. The hollow design allows for snack filling, encouraging your parrot to explore, which stimulates skills, enhances intelligence, and alleviates cage-induced anxiety
🦜【Detachable Threaded Design】All components are threaded together, ensuring both stability and easy disassembly. You can remove the rotating balls and fork your bird’s favorite treats, like meat and vegetables, on the threaded rods. The entire ball part is also removable, giving you the flexibility to choose between standalone perch usage or combination

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