PATYELF Cat Bathing Bag Shower Wash Net Cat Grooming Bag Anti Bite Anti Scratch Restraint Bag Restraint Bag Breathable Mesh Cat Grooming Bag for Shower Injection Price: $8.88 (as of 09/09/2023 18:00 PST- Details)

【Making Bathing Easier】 Our cat bathing bag is perfect for bathing, teeth and ears cleaning, take eye drops, nail Trimming, take medicine, examining, injecting and other occasions. It can help your cat take a bath easily at home and take the cat to the pet salon without spending extra money. Let cat feels very comfortable and relaxed.
【Drawstring and Zippes Design】Adopts two top zipper, two front zippers and two rear zippers design that it allows your cat to release 4 paws at a time, which makes it easy for you to trim cat’s nails, and with 2 adjustable drawstrings for fixing your cat, preventing you from being bitten or scratched by your cats. Most important is that all the zippers have upgraded. The zippers can stay in place you want and you can keep the zippers zipped or unzipped during the bath.
【How to Use】Put the cat’s head into the cat washing bag,cover the whole body with the cat washing bag,and tighten the adjustable rope.Then you can start taking a bath.

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