PawHut Cabin-Style Wooden Dog House for Large Dogs Outside with Openable Roof & Giant Window, Big Dog House Outdoor & Indoor, Asphalt Roof Price: $179.99 (as of 12/03/2024 02:54 PST- Details)

Openable Roof: An openable roof can let fresh sunlight and cool breezes in, provide an opening to toss in treats and toys, allow access inside to clean it, and let dogs see a view from the shelter.
Wide Open View: With the clear wall, you can see your dog easily and check on them, allowing you both to have a nice view. With two small windows on the sides and one giant window in front, dogs have a wide-open perspective of three sides and can set eyes on the world while they’re sheltered and cozy in their house.
Outdoor-Strong Design: The asphalt roof is weatherproof and lets raindrops slide down. The door has a curtain to prevent rainwater from infiltrating the interior while still being easy to enter and exit for dogs. A water-resistant treatment on the wood ensures the structure is outdoor-strong and stays in pristine condition.

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