Penn-Plax Cascade Max Flow 820 GPH Aquarium Canister Filter & Replacement Media (Bio-Floss/Bio-Sponges) – Great for Extra Large Fish Tanks – Perfect for 250+ Gallon Aquariums Price: $17.49$199.99 (as of 21/04/2023 09:06 PST- Details)

EXTRA LARGE AQUARIUM, NO PROBLEM: Without effort, the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter runs at a stunning 820 Gallons per Hour! This filter is purposely designed for larger aquariums, ranging from 164 to 273 gallons. Though, optimal size is 205 gallons. It’s compatible for both freshwater and saltwater setups, and is great for turtle habitats!
EASY WAY TO GET A DIRTY JOB DONE: We all know that maintenance on a canister filter can get messy, and honestly, a bit frustrating at times. As for the Cascade Max Flow, there’s no need to unscrew tubes! Simply release the value base from the filter’s top! Maintenance made easy!
COOL AND UNIQUE FEATURES: In addition to a simple and intuitive set up, the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter is self-priming, and features durable and secure non-slip pads. The two 360° independent valve taps rotate fully, allowing the included large diameter tubes to handle a steady and powerful water flow. Flow rate can be adjusted by the top’s handle.

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