Pet Bird Upgraded Waterproof Shoulder, Neck Poop Protector and Protective Anti-Scratch Arm Guard Set, Anti-Bite Shoulder Pad Diaper Shawl for Parrot Macaw African Budgies Parakeet Agapornis Fischeri Price: $24.99$26.99 (as of 02/11/2023 17:21 PST- Details)

Which can prevent being scratched by parrots effectively and protect your shirts from bird droppings. Strong material allows the birds to grip it well with their talents. This is a well constructed shoulder/arm protector. The poop is easier to wipe off this material than a towel.
This multi-functional shoulder shawl cape and arm guard are designed for the bird owner. If you own a bird, you know how messy they can be. Whether the mess is stuck to their feet or beak or relentlessly shooting from their behind, it’s enough to dirty up a shirt or top in a matter of minutes. This shoulder protector keeps your shirt clean.
The bell toy that comes attached to the shoulder protector is removable, you can put any toys your birds like to gnaw on. You also can hang a anklet for fixing pet birds, or some toys and treats for them playing on your shoulder.

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