Petace Raised Dog Bowls Price:  $24.99 (as of 21/11/2023 14:25 PST- Details)

DOG BOWL STAND FOR ALL LIFE STAGES: Petace elevated dog bowls can be adjusted to 5 different heights to suit the needs. Simply adjust the height by pushing 4 buttons on table legs to 3.1″ for small puppies and cats, 8.7″, 9.8″ for medium to large dogs, and 11″, 12.2″ for large breed dogs.
REDUCE JOINT STRESS: Say goodbye to poor eating posture! Using raised dog bowls helps to reduce stress on joints and bones and encourages healthier digestion. This is an essential item, particularly for dogs who tend to vomit while eating, have mobility issues, or suffer from arthritis.
SLOWS DOWN EATING: Slow feeder bowls can effectively slow down your dog’s eating time and control eating speed. It helps to solve the problems of bloating, regurgitation, canine obesity while reducing overeating behavior.

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