PetDreamHouse Spin Collection Interactive Slow Feeder Bowls for Dogs, Center Moving Design is Interactive… Price: $24.99$27.39 (as of 05/12/2022 07:05 PST- Details)

INTERACTIVE: The SPIN Slow Feeder Bowls provide interactive eating at mealtime. Unlike stationary slow feeders, your pet actively engages with the bowl’s moving components. This provides a moderately different feeding experience at each meal which stimulates your pet’s problem-solving abilities.
FOOD VARIETY: Every PetDreamHouse slow feeder bowl allows for different types of food types and textures, from crunchy kibble to fresh vegetables. Smooth surfaces, nubbed, and assorted compartment sizes and shapes offer a way to introduce different textures to your pet. Encourage your pet to experience different healthy food types to broaden their palette. Variety is the spice of life for your pet too.
MEALTIME FUN: TRICKY SKILL LEVEL The inner bowl spins freely pushed by the nose or tongue. Food is separated into manageable portions. The inner bowl can be removed or reversed to add variation. Naturally, slow feeding speed down.

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