Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection Taupe/Black 3 Price:  $168.99 (as of 20/03/2024 03:06 PST- Details)

ALL SEASON PROTECTION INSULATED IGLOO DOG HOUSE: Patented dome design provides protection from rain, wind, sleet and snow. The offset. low and narrow entryway reduces direct wind flow and heat loss. Optimal for both warm and cold climates. The roof air vent allows fresh air to properly circulate.
ENGINEERED STRONGER: Constructed from heavy-duty structural foam and dome shape, keep our dog houses stable in high winds, help shed snow and prevent debris accumulation on top. Third-party tested to over 1500 lbs of load strength.
CHANNEL DENNING INSTINCTS: Dog crate or outdoor dog house training is vital for dogs safety and comfort. Give your dog a space they need to feel secure. Spacious, raised floor can accommodate a dog bed or dog pad for added cushion. The drainage holes keep the floor dry in the most extreme conditions.

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