PINVNBY Bird Perch for Cage,Parrot Perches Natural Grape Wood Birdcage Stands Pole Grinding Paw Climbing Cage Accessories for Parakeet Lovebirds Budgies Cockatiels Finches Price: $8.59$15.59 (as of 08/09/2023 16:15 PST- Details)

【High Quality Material】Bird perch is made of 100% all natural grape wooden,Non-toxic and without paint and wear resistance and durable and completely safe for your pet.Every birds stand pole is with high quality stainless steel washers the shape,thickness and size of each of our habitats are unique.
【Package Include】3 x Pcs Bird Grape Wooden Perch.6 x Pcs Stainless Steel Washers.3 x Pcs Wing Nuts.4 x Pcs Bird Toys Ball(Random Color,Prevent touching water).Parrot perch is suitable for parakeet lovebirds Budgies Cockatiels canaries and other Birds.
【SIZE】Natural parrot perch length is about 9.0~12.0 inch(23-30cm),the diameter is about 0.7~1.1 inch(2.0-3.0cm).Washers about 1.34” in diameter. Bird perch stand is your pet bird perfect toy and get unlimited fun!Notice: Please check the size before making a purchase in case the item is not fit your bird cage.

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