Piscine Energetics PE Fish Food Saltwater & Freshwater Mysis Shrimp Pellets Complete Bioavailable Nutrition for Aquarium Fish, Betta, Koi Fish, Ponds, Goldfish  2oz-25lb Packs Price: $9.99$24.99 (as of 13/09/2023 13:06 PST- Details)

✅ Entice even the most finicky of eaters: Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp is the main ingredient in our fish food that induces an energetic feeding response in all varieties of fish and aquariums, from betta fish to Koi, from Tangs to even those as finicky as Moorish Idols!
✅ Wild harvested Mysis Shrimp as the main ingredient: Unlike many fish pellet manufactures who use vat-farmed protein sources and top coating techniques to add nutrition, Piscine Energetics Pellets uses Wild-harvested Mysis shrimp that is naturally gut-loaded with phytoplankton and zooplankton. Piscine Energetics uses a low-temperature process that allows for a pellet with high nutrition and low inorganics, meaning your aquarium fish gets more nutritional value per pellet than other brands.
✅ The Curators Choice: Aquariums and zoos the world over choose PE Mysis Shrimp products as their food of choice due to the superior nutritional health qualities, patented collection process, optimized manufacturing process, palatability for both saltwater and freshwater fish, and their dedication to conservation efforts worldwide.

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