Potaroma Cat Feather Toys 6 Pcs, Cat Teaser Retractable, Hanging Cat Toys Indoor Kitten Play Exercise, Mental Physical Stimulation for All Breeds and Species Price:  $8.48 (as of 05/03/2024 22:21 PST- Details)

Self-Play for All Day: when cats are left alone, they could be bored. The 6 pcs toys are designed for hanging over the door for cats to play on their own. Recommend for Busy pet owners!! Durable elastic ropes allow your furry baby to jump, pull and bite with the toys, promoting fun exercise and arousing the little hunter in each cat
Cat’s Favorite: catnip contained inside and bells provide diverse attractions for your kittens. Catnip can get lounging cats up and moving and effectively helps relieve cat’s anxiety
Adjustable Height: you can freely adjust the toys to a proper height that your cat is comfortable with thanks to the knot design. The maximum extended length is 78 inches

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