Professional Nail Files Black Washable Emery Boards 7 Inches Long Square End Serrated Edge Price: $9.99$26.99 (as of 26/04/2023 12:12 PST- Details)

GRITS AND COLORS. WHAT YOU GET. Each grit has been carefully selected so you will be able to file your nails to perfection. Your order will come with a bulk set of 12 emory boards that are 7 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide. They will have square ends and serrated edges with black grit. Perfect for men and women or a valentines day gift for best friend girl. It’s convenient size will also allow you to keep it with you when you travel. It will fit in your purse, desk, diaper bag, car, & house
ADHESIVE DOES NOT PEEL AWAY FROM THE BOARD. This black grit 2 sided nail file has an adhesive that will keep the sand paper attached to the foam and other parts of the salon board tool. These items can even be used on the feet for a pedicure or other toenail grooming care needs on your foot. Your toenails will have a natural clean look Heavy duty enough to work on large or small dogs as well. Great for pets.
NOT TOO COARSE FOR NATURAL NAILS, WILL NOT TARE OR BREAK NAILS UP. A disposable nailfile that is too rough is not ideal. We have included variations with our finger nail filers where the grit is finer if you need something smoother. If you pick a grit that is too coarse we will replace it for free, no return necessary. You want a fingernail file that glides away material instead of shredding it to pieces and we want to make sure you get what you want.