QUVOVID Cat Toys 27 Packs Combo Set, Cat Catnip Fish and Ball Toy, Cat Bell Balls Crinkle Balls, Cat Spring Toys, Plush Mices Attract Cats to Swat, Bite, Hunt, Interactive Toys Price: $4.99$6.99 (as of 25/10/2023 17:54 PST- Details)

🐱Ultimate 27-Pack Cat Toys: With 27 toys, your feline friend will never be bored again! Catnip fish×1, Catnip ball×2, Rainbow ball×2, Jingle bell ball×4, Bell roller×2, Cat spring toy×8, Cat crinkle ball×2, Plush mouse ×6
🐱Mental Stimulation: Rolling toys with sounds can engage your cat’s curiosity and provide mental challenges. The unpredictable movements and sounds can mimic the behaviors of prey animals, encouraging your cat to “hunt” and pounce on the toy.
🐱Relaxation and Joy: Catnip toys help your cat unwind, while vibrant rainbow balls and safe, durable materials provide endless entertainment and bonding opportunities.

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