Raw Paws Natural Catnip for Cats, 4-Cups – Use for Refillable Catnip Toys for Cats – Catnip Treats for Cats – Catnip for Dogs – Cat Nip Cat Grass – Dog Catnip – Dried Catnip Leaves & Seeds

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ALL NATURAL CATNIP: Treat your feline to fresh, safe, premium catnip for cats!  We include finely ground catnip leaf, buds, stems and seeds in our blend. Ethically sourced, non-toxic and harvested at peak growing season to ensure your cat receives potent catnip that will have him rolling, purring and playing like a kitten again .
CRAVED BY CATS: Raw Paws Kitty Catnip both stimulates and relaxes your pet! When kitties inhale our fine cut catnip herb for cats, the chemical nepetalactone naturally found in the catnip plant, binds to receptors in their noses. Cats become stimulated and excited, making them playful, active kitty cats. After about 10 minutes, the oil wears off and your kitty needs a nice cat-nap.
SUPPORT OVERALL HEALTH: Our high quality fine catnip helps support a healthy lifestyle for your best friend! Catnip encourages activity, promoting exercise and weight management. Nepeta cataria, or catnip, also de-stresses your cat and calms upset tummies!

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