Rywell Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket

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🐶[Help your dog beat the heat with Rywell Cooling Dog Blanket]Featuring Arc-Chill natural cooling fabric from Japan, Our blanket effectively lowers the temperature by 3-5°C (5-9°F), helping to prevent overheating and dehydration. Perfect for hot days at the home or in the backyard, simply place it on your pet’s favorite spot and let them enjoy the cooling sensation. This blanket is built to last and will be a trusted companion for many summers to come.
🐶[Designed for versatility]Rywell Cooling Dog Blanket is designed for versatility, its double-sided design features a cooling side and a soft cotton side for all seasons. The cool side gives your furry friend a cool summer day, and when summer is over, you don’t have to worry about Rywell Dog Blanket losing its usefulness, flip it over and use the warm and cozy side to keep Rywell Dog Blanket with you all year round!
🐶[Designed for durability]Delicate stitching and sturdy structure make it able to resist scratching and biting by pets, we use high-end stitching process, the density of the woven thread is five to ten times more than other Dog Blanket, so you do not have to worry about the blanket being damaged, you can use it on the floor, sofa, dog bed, car, camping trips, etc., to bring comfort to dogs while protecting the furniture.

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