SEAOURA Submersible Aquarium Light for Fish Tank, 24/7 Cycle Fish Tank Light with Timer, Full Spectrum+7 Single Colors, Auto On/Off, Adjustable Brightness Price: $17.99$38.99 (as of 02/02/2024 18:15 PST- Details)

Simulating 24/7 Natural Light Cycle: Our aquarium light astonishingly somulate the day-to-night cycle of natural light. From the warm morning sunshine to the rich spectrum of noon, and the gentle blue light of the evening, this lighting method provides your aquarium with an immersive, nature-like experience.
Premium Lighting: Our submersible aquarium light boasts 3 rows of high-quality LED chips, including 2 rows of 5050 LED chips and 1 row of 2835 LED chips, delivering vibrant and brilliant colors. The light fixture offers 10 adjustable brightness levels and 5 timer settings, enabling you to customize the lighting to your preferences.
Full Spectrum+Single-Color Modes: Our aquarium light can switch between full spectrum,7 single-color modes, providing a variety of rich options to meet your lighting requirements. Whether you want to simulate a natural ecosystem or enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium, it can be easily accomplished.

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