Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder for Outdoors Hanging Gravity Protection Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeders for Outside Price: $19.99$36.99 (as of 29/09/2023 15:10 PST- Details)

Upgraded Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder : The bird feeder distinguishes squirrels from birds based on weight.Featuring unique, weight-sensitive technology, the feeder’s seed ports are closed when a squirrel touches the base. Squirrels and large birds are prevented from feeding without being harmed in any way. Take delight not only in seeing the finches, chickadees, and other colorful birds you enjoy but also in frustrating the squirrels.
Automatic Seed Filling : Add seeds by gently unscrewing the top lid. When the seeds are eaten, more seeds naturally fill the feeding ports.
Effective Against Rain : The hexagonal pavilion stopper can effectively cover all feeding ports to prevent rain from wetting the seeds, and the base also has a water leakage function that helps keep the seed fresher.

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