STAYGROW Arctic Series Aquarium Water Pumps, Sine Wave Silent Powerful Controllable Submersible or External Return Pump for Fresh/Saltwater/Marine Tank Price: $72.99$139.95 (as of 17/05/2023 22:20 PST- Details)

Powerful: Say goodbye to your old aquarium pumps. The DC-10000 can quickly turn over your freshwater, saltwater, or reef tank.
High-Efficiency: Connect a single device to get an 80W max power – enough to refresh a 250-gallon tank 10 times an hour at full speed.
Controllability: The DC-10000 allows variable speed control, which means you can now control how much water flows out of the pump. The pump starts at a low rpm and ramps up to full speed, potentially reducing broken impellers.

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